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The government and local authorities are advising against all travel for holiday purposes and, in the interests of social separation we are not taking hire bookings until the crisis passes. This is the latest from Keswick Tourism Association: "The latest government advice states that essential travel does not include visits to second homes, camp sites, caravan parks or similar, whether for isolation purposes or holidays. People should remain in their primary residence. Not taking these steps puts additional pressure on communities and services that are already at risk. Cumbria’s health services are only resourced for the resident population which is around half a million with a large proportion of elderly people. We all have a responsibility – visitors, tourism businesses and residents - to heed government advice and help save lives. We will welcome you back to Keswick and the Lake District once this is over but for now we are asking you to stay at home for the safety of everyone." ]]>
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5 Tips for Campervanning like a pro!

Travel Light. If you are hiring a campervan you’ll be surprised how well kitted out they are. Check what is provided so that you don’t bring duplicates and keep additions to a minimum. The more space you have the more enjoyable your holiday will be. See our kits lists and “what we take”. Keep Snug. We use a 4 tog single duvet as a base to sleep on in a double bed in a campervan. Sheets are useless! A thin duvet stays in place better and adds insulation. Depending on the weather we chuck a big duvet over the top or sleeping bags (or both if it’s winter!). A hot water bottle against the small of your back at 4 am is a winner too. Flexible planning. For short breaks at busy holiday times it’s wise to pre-book your campsites, especially in The Lake District. If you have a week or more though it’s great to just have a rough plan rather than be tied to a specific schedule. This way you can choose to relax and enjoy that hidden cove you’ve just discovered, head where the weather is best or do an activity recommended by someone you have met along the way. Life in the slow lane – don’t rush it, pop the coffee on and enjoy the view! Buy fresh food along the way. We keep a couple of meals worth of dried/tinned food in the camper in case we are away from it all but we aim to take advantage of local fresh food . Coolbox space in a camper is limited and it makes sense to buy as you need. You are often close to great pub food these days too! Squashy Bags! Suitcases just get in the way in a campervan so squashy bags are the secret. That way your clothes bag gets smaller as the laundry bag grows and you can tuck them in spaces under the bed. Supermarket “bags for life” work well. Bring them for hanging on the back of the shower door, for storing muddy shoes and even for your shopping! ]]>
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